Welcome to DEGENR

A deflationary token on Binance smart chain with an NFT twist


$DEGENR is a deflationary token built on Binance Smart Chain that rewards holders and punishes sellers.
For each transaction done with $DEGENR, there's a 7% tax, 4% is distributed back to holders while the other 3% is burned.


DEGENR has a total supply of 37,000,000
No user can transact more than 1% of the total supply at a time. Making the Max transaction count 370,000


💸 Instant Yield

💸 Deflationary

​Buy and HODL to get more tokens

Why Binance Smart Chain (BSC)?

Even though BSC isn't as decentralized as the ETHEREUM network, It is highly scalable and the security can be trusted. It also has very low fees which make it easier for new users to experiment and see what defi can offer.
Contract Address: 0x4d6d0335E3B715341eB4F10b5751771cbCb7cEa3
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