Frequently Asked Questions
What is the total supply?
Supply starts at 37,000,000 and keeps reducing as more transactions are conducted
What is the tax ?
Each transaction has 7% tax, holders get 4% from every transaction.
How much is being burned?
3% of every transaction is burned forever.
Transaction failed on Pancakeswap
Make sure you set the slippage to 11% and remember you can't Buy or sell more than 370,000 tokens at a time.
When is NFT Marketplace launching ?
More details about market place launch will be announced via telegram​
What if you rug pull?
Presale is done using a rug proof contract, once presale is done liquidity is added automatically and LP is locked for 6 months.
When Marketing?
Marketing will be done continuously with the specified portion of funds raise from the presale.
Is code Audited?
No, but it has no mint function so devs can't print new tokens. You can verify by observing the contract here ---> Click here​
Last modified 10mo ago
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